Swimmers - the product and supporting service complex in the Chinese swimming pool sauna industry


Dongguan Baole swimming pool equipment Co., Ltd. is a professional and comprehensive enterprise integrating product research and development, sales and technical services.Since its founding, bake has always been committed to providing customers with high quality products and technical service support, and is well received and approved by the customers at home and abroad.

Product advantage: beach music only domestic and foreign well-known brand core selection, the amount needed to select the products and brands for different clients, it is absolutely guaranteed, we have confidence in the quality not only that, happily swimming in independent research and development, continue to break the pattern of products, optimize product performance, develop more high-quality products, and access to a number of countries the utility model patent and appearance of the product!


Team spirit: good products laid the absolute advantage of brand products happily swimming, and happily swimming team strength is solid combat backing, beach music has its own "team 123 principles of sales consultant at least through 1 years of combat training assessment to qualified consultants, designers working experience in engineering design of swimming pool at least 2 years the competent technical engineer, at least 3 years of construction experience and pool combat experience can be called on. Every position of the swimmers has strict requirements. Only such a team can respond to the customer's needs in time and take the first time to act. Can fight, win the battle!


Service aim: always give the customer the most enjoyable shopping experience - this is what we are doing every day! After receiving customer consultation, the first time response is located at the customer site, providing more professional and reliable product solutions, timely and effective follow-up, to ensure customer satisfaction. Whether it is the after-sale solution or technical guidance, the satisfaction of the customer's smile is the greatest sense of achievement of the swimmers!


Break the traditional: the Internet has changed the world, will change the Chinese sauna industry, 2012 was the world's first beach recreation sauna equipment Tmall mall, opened a new era of sauna equipment retail network, and put forward the "high price of products refused to open channels, brand retail era" business philosophy. For the industry to bring greater opportunities for customers to bring more and better intuitive choice!

"Good service is not to forget the first heart, always for you!" This is the eternal commitment of swimmers to the customers.

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