Swimmers take part in the Asian Pool Spa Expo


In May 12, 2017, the annual Asian swimming pool SPA Expo was successfully held at the poly World Expo Museum in Guangzhou. As the first group to enter the network sales platform in China, I have been honored to have participated in the international efficient international event of the SPA industry in the swimming pool. In the grand meeting, swimmers, by virtue of the service spirit of high quality products and industry, let the world more people understand the swimming music and feel the strength and influence of the swimmers brand.


The exhibition area of the Expo site is huge, with an area of over 10000 square meters. More than 6000 domestic and foreign professional purchasers attracted by the first day, and professional spectators increased by 20% on the basis of last year. On the three day of the exhibition, the preliminary statistics of about 18000 people.The Expo has gathered businessmen from all over the world, including Thailand, South Korea, Malaysia, Australia, Pakistan, the United States, Chile, Australia, India, Mexico and other countries and regions of international merchants to visit.


The exhibition site bustling crowd, to come to consult the people in a continuous line of exhibits.


As one of the exhibitors in the Asian pool SPA fair, it has been growing steadily and continuously in the pool SPA industry through the accumulation of experience and market development. As the first group to enter the network sales platform, it will continue to innovate the pool SPA industry with better product quality and service.

Swimming music is the first group in China swimming pool sauna to enter the online sales platform. We have provided products and professional services for more than fifty thousand swimming pools in the world. We only select the core famous brands at home and abroad. This is the absolute guarantee for our confidence in quality. In the spirit of "providing more professional and reliable swimming pool sauna products and services", we have opened a one-stop online shopping era for customers.


Five advantages of one stop shopping experience in swimmers

First, quality assurance: every piece of goods sold by the city is from the core famous brands at home and abroad, 100 percent guaranteed as the brand, to ensure no quality problems, and truly achieve the dual guarantee of brand and quality!

Two, ultra low price strength: truly exclude multiple intermediate interest channels, real and real price for network retail, brand manufacturers and terminal customers docking sales, so that customers are far below the market prices to buy a good product!

Three, strong after-sales team: swimmers not only pay attention to the customers to buy our products, more concerned about your purchase experience, so you are assured that in every part of the product sales, the swimmers promise: "the first time for you to effectively solve any product problem, give you the most pleasant and most satisfied shopping." Feel it! "

Four, intimate technical support: in view of technical support, swimmers are specially equipped with super strong technical guidance team, and members have at least three years of experience in the swimming pool and water quality maintenance in the industry.

Five, worry free experience: any product purchased by the customer in the mall can not effectively solve your use, seven days unconditional return refunds, the product has two years of super long warranty service, life free maintenance, really let the customer without any worries!

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