Congratulations on winning the industry recommended brand award at the annual meeting of the Chinese pool hot spring SPA industry


In December 1, 2017, swimmers were invited to participate in the annual meeting of the Chinese swimming pool hot spring SPA industry in 2017!In the competition on the theme of "the dream of the Chinese dream -- building a new brilliance", the number of swimmers is 13105.It was honored as the top rank of the industry and won the industry recommendation Brand Award.In the moment of taking over the medals, we feel more of our efforts to create better products and services for our customers.


At the annual meeting, many experts, scholars, well-known enterprises and industry elites were gathered at home and abroad. They shared the keynote speech and forum dialogue around the industry development trend, product upgrading application, innovation technology exchange and management experience sharing.

In the field of Leadership: China, Institute of architectural design around the swimming association, senior technical experts, as well as the national swimming pool, spa SPA suppliers, agents, distributors of enterprise enterprise engineering business enterprise, swimming pool, water park, The Springs Hotel and other responsible persons,The number of audience in the field is up to 750, and it is a rare event of the largest scale in the industry.At the same time, China network, China economic network, economic network, CCTV network, people's network, Xinhuanet, and more than a hundred media and other media support and report.


Industry Forum

The industry well-known experts around the trend of development, business model, market segmentation, technology innovation to express their point of view, the environmental tax levy, the Countermeasures of enterprises responded, and new opportunities for enterprise brand construction, industry development and efficient management experience and other topics were answered.


Awarding ceremony

By virtue of its own strength and the support and trust of its customers, Yong Yue won the industry recommendation Brand Award."Good service is not to forget the first heart, always for you!" This is the swimmers, the eternal commitment to the customers!This is what we are doing every day.

Swimmers, is a comprehensive group of professional research and development, sales and technical support services.Since its founding, swimmers always provide customers with high quality products and technical service support.

In this feast, we have a full harvest, and in the future days, we will create a brilliant future. For more customers to create benefits and better service!

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